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Muscle Jelly 500mg


Muscle Jelly 500mg

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Muscle Jelly


Starting with a base of essential oils and herbs, Present Naturals Muscle Jelly infuses CBD to create a highly effective topical lotion that reduces inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. The essential oil and herb base won’t clog your pores as it absorbs quickly into your skin. Unlike creams or salves, our Muscle Jelly doesn’t leave a sticky, oily residue on your skin. And the combination of essential oils and herbs gives the Muscle Jelly a pleasant, natural aroma.


CBD has excellent anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties. While the essential oil/herb base absorbs into your skin it delivers CBD to joints and muscles experiencing pain caused by inflammation. Applied pre-workout or pre-therapy, it can minimize the inflammation that contributes to post-workout or post-therapy pain. It also is effective in providing relief from headache pain (migraines as well), arthritic joint pain, neck pain, lower back pain, etc.


The Muscle Jelly comes in a 2oz size and a strength of 250mg or 500mg per bottle.

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