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About Our Service


Lucky Farms is proud to operate our marijuana delivery service remotely so our clients have no need for a brick-and-mortar store. Our discrete and professional service eliminates the need to visit dispensaries.


We don't make you jump through hoops to verify your status as a legal cannabis user. Our region representatives verify you in seconds after you place an order.


We offer Express and In-home marijuana delivery service. Our Express Service exemplifies discrete marijuana delivery. Your representative will coordinate with you for easy, discrete online order drop-off. We can also bring the dispensary to you with our In-Home purchase service. Call for more information!


We only offer the highest quality flower, edibles, and concentrates to ensure your experience is worthwhile.

Our Method

Our plants are grown indoors using hydroponic systems, high-quality indoor lighting, quality nutrients, and in a controlled CO2 atmosphere. Our rooms are completely sealed allowing us to fully control every aspect of the plant's development. Our climate controlled rooms provide the perfect environment for our plants to thrive in and it is through this method that we’re able to produce medicine of the highest quality. All of our medical cannabis products are lab-tested for safety and potency, hand trimmed to perfection and packed in a resealable pop top canisters and all backed by a 100% guarantee.

Our Guarantee

We know and understand that you have many choices from which you may obtain products and marijuana delivery services. Lucky Farms offers a 72 hour return policy. If for ANY reason you are dissatisfied with a product, you may return your product and we'll give you a refund*. All merchandise products are final sale. *20% Return Fee on all Returned Orders.

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